Judicial La Serena Chile

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Judicial La Serena Chile
Date : 15 Mar 2023

NBK Architectural Terracotta

The Judicial La Serena Chile is located in a cultural heritage site where a new building has to fit into the original structure of the existing warehouses. In accordance with these specifications, the new building’s sleek structure draws from the surrounding existing structure without sacrificing architectural style. The upper floors are enclosed with an appealing curtain of TERRART®-BAGUETTES. The gaps between them allowing for both outlooks and insights. The casual distribution and random mix of traditional terracotta colors convey effortlessness and modernity.

For more information, please visit : https://ap.hunterdouglas.asia/product/nbk-terracotta OR https://nbkterracotta.com/en/project/judicial-la-serena-chile/