Global Indian International School (@ Punggol Field Walk)

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Global Indian International School (@ Punggol Field Walk)

1. NBK 22mm
2. 50X50 Baguettes
3. 40X160 Terracotta Aerofoils

Year of Completion : 2018

Designed by some of the best professional minds in the world, and crafted after meaningful contributions from its very own teachers, GIIS SMART Campus is a ‘Nest’ where students will be nurtured and groomed from a fledgling to a feathered state, through collaborative learning and by using state-of-the-art features. The Singapore campuses have garnered global recognition for their hallmark initiatives across educational excellence, environment conservation, peace and value-based education, and community integration.


Singapore, Asia


Fielding Nair International/Architects Team 3 Pte Ltd

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