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Mainland China (中国), Asia


American GS (Garden State) Design Co., Ltd., China United Engineering Corporation Designed by the Master Architect Xia Bangjie, the Hangzhou International Conference Center is a multi-purpose landmark building in the CBD of Hangzhou, housing a large meeting center and a five-star-plus hotel. The building is an 85m high steel structure comprising a spherical body, 85m in diameter, and an oval shaped annex, 13m high. It is one of the biggest spherical steel structures in China to date. The facades are a mosaic of golden glass and gold palette QuadroClad 20mm. Each of the honeycomb panels differs in size and shape. The curved honeycomb panel is so ideally coupled with the spherical steel framework that the contour glitters in the sunshine, just like a gold sun. The neighboring Hangzhou Grand Theater, wearing a silvery coat and built in the shape of a half-moon, and the sun-like Conference Center, appear as a pair of fraternal twins, framed against the adjacent Qiantang River. Together, they complete a marvelous vision of the "coexistence of sunshine and moonlight".

Featured Products:

  • QuadroClad® Honeycomb / QC500