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Mainland China (中国), Asia


Hua Sen Architectural & Engineering Designing Consultant Ltd. Located in the CBD of the Xinjiekou of Nanjing, the 29-story Nanjing Landmark Plaza occupies 27 floors above the ground and 2 floors below with a total building area of 58,000sqm. This grade-5A office building blends inherent cultural cues with the surrounding landscape, and boasts an organic layout, advanced technology, and generous space. The building typifies the new generation of outstanding commercial buildings. The décor of the entire design is modern yet natural, simple yet artistic. Luxalon® XL panels, accented by high leveling surface and super-large size segmentation, become a visual focus of the hall space, yielding a strong visual impact. Additionally, distinctive color-changing, whimsical lighting creates a striking yet cozy quality to the functional business environment. Many attributes come together to create this unique and elegant space.