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Mainland China (中国), Asia


Beijing Institute of Architectural Design Sanmenxia Cultural & Sports Center which is known as the “Golden Treasure Bowl”, uses 30,000sqm of the golden Honeycomb Panel by Hunter Douglas. The design scheme was provided by Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, and was named “Golden Treasure Bowl” after the shapes of its two main buildings – the Conference & Exhibition Center and the Stadium. The name also implies the abundant gold resources of Sanmenxia City and shows the modern design’s respect for the ancient culture that is closely related to the ecological environment of the Yellow River. In addition, the design scheme also delivers the message that Sanmenxia is the “City of the Swan”. The façade of the Conference & Exhibition Center uses glass curtain walls, of which the inward cover uses the same golden Honeycomb Façade Panel by Hunter Douglas as the Stadium, with swan-shaped skylights delicately arranged on the ceiling. The Stadium, which adopts an ethereal supporting structure that symbolizes the feathers of a swan, looks like a flock of hovering swans looking down.

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