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Mainland China (中国), Asia


Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design & Research Co., Ltd Invested by State Grid Corporation of China, Pudong Hotel is a modern business hotel for foreign guests. To greet the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the hotel decided to give a thorough revamp to the original appearance. Its architects used large areas of Hunter Douglas QuadroClad 20mm Honeycomb Panels which lead to a vivid contrast between dark and bright with the glass. The special dark-grey PVDF coating creates a majestic and elegant look for the hotel, which distinguishes the hotel from its surroundings, making it unique and exceptional. According to design requirements, Hunter Douglas has developed the preset-profile curved QuadroClad panels on the basis of original techniques to ensure the mechanical performance of the products and at the same time create more beautiful corners for the architecture.

Featured Products:

  • QuadroClad® Honeycomb / QC100